We are a group of signers who record and produce various Disney songs as Homestuck characters. For science!
This is the main blog where all related projects will go, if anyone in the group does an offshoot project not related to what we're currently doing, I will reblog it!

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For: Jade, Terezi, and Aradia

Our Roxy is currently recording her parts for I Won’t Say I’m In Love. Put Zero To Hero on hold, we’ll do this first, it’s much smaller. Note: If you don’t turn anything in for this after like two or three weeks I’m going to recast your part. Sorry I just really, REALLY want to get stuff out a lot faster, if you think about it this group has been up for at least a month and only one project has been put out. Time to get serious.

If you have issues then let me know.

Here’s the track- http://www.mediafire.com/?5tdnah3hmzbyml5

And here’s the lyrics- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jK2ZIUjlewzE-nbKm0ma3MVaKKHTnT-1jTbJQaC_5AM/edit

Do the best you can, sing with the actual words if you need to as long as you give me an a capella copy. Email it to wubwubparadise@yahoo.com in either wav or mp3 format please!

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